Tailor Made Art Consulting

“Art is indeed not the bread but the wine of life“ Jean Paul Richter (1763-1825)

  • Art concepts – Tailor Made

Two decades of high-end hospitality industry sharpens ones perception of a holistically lived and confident appearance. Individually and naturally staged art in buildings is of course part of Tailor Made Art Consulting. Whether in hotels, companies or private spaces, art works with the room – in terms of correspondence with people’s needs who live and work there. Tailor Made Art Consulting offers a growing network of artists, art historians and art consultants as well as a long-time experience in equipping hotels and restaurants and balanced consultation for businesses and private clients. We develop the art concept together which is based on the client’s self-conception and the corporate identity as well as tailored to the spacial capabilities and budgets.

  • Art Services

The integration of art in buildings requires comprehensive planning. Besides the building’s purpose and the individual (corporate-) personality, the direct coordination of the architecture, furnishing and conditions of illumination is to be assured. With this in mind Tailor Made Art Consulting operates as a full-service-agency. Our service portfolio includes:

  • Analysis of room and light conditions
  • Inspection and selection of art locations
  • Inspection of existing artwork
  • Creation of art concept
  • Selection and mediation of new artwork
  • Selection and mediation of artist for art at construction
  • Briefing and coordination of artists and services
  • Coordination and installation, framing and transports
  • Project management


Our events are a further dimension for art and space. Tailor Made Art Consulting stages events from classical – with exhibitions, recitals and guidances – to spectacular.